About Us

In a land far away known as New York there laid Manhattan, a place believed to possess a priceless treasure buried underneath its dry earth. This land was to remain uncharted for years until a group of daring and mischievous pirates led by one named Wicked Willy (whose claim to infamy was his insatiable thirst for rum) got lost at sea and soon found themselves in this territory in their quest for the famed buried treasure.

The elders who have been guarding the land and the treasure caught wind of this pirate crew’s unwelcome arrival. After scouring the land, Wicked Willy and his crew finally found the treasure they have been looking for! Willy celebrated with his crew by drinking the vats of rum they had onboard their ship but unbeknownst to them, the elders laid a curse on the treasure, leaving Wicked Willy and the rest of his pirate crew’s merriment frozen in time – just as he was about to offer a toast to their victory. After years and years and years, Wicked Willy was able to break free from the curse – but the same fate was not to be met by his crew, for Willy was the only one to survive the curse.

As Wicked Willy awoke to find himself the sole survivor in this long adventure, he then proceeded to offer a toast to honor his fallen crew and proudly exclaimed, “Time flies when you’re having rum!”

In honor of his crew’s courage, Wicked Willy built a fortress and recruited the best band of merry misfits he could find, all for the sole purpose of reliving the good times he once shared with his pirate crew – by providing his own brand of wicked fun for Manhattan’s various inhabitants.