Wicked Willy and His Crew

 Once on the far, far side of yesterday there lived Willy. A man living his twilight years, Willy was once an audacious pirate who sailed the high seas in search of treasures and islands to conquer. He was also known to have an insatiable thirst for rum and he vowed to seek the finest rum he could get his hands on before his time passes. download Willy then rounded up his former pirate crew to join him on one last expedition and soon they set out to sea. After sailing for months, they faced a fierce storm that brought them incomparable misfortune as their ship was wrecked and they were left marooned on an unknown island with no other occupants in sight. Willy then led his men in scouring the island to search for food and materials to rebuild their ship. Then they stumbled upon a cave which to Willy’s sheer delight, was filled from end to end with vats of rum! Willy didn’t waste time in partaking of his favorite drink and after taking a sip, he felt more alive and rejuvenated – little did he know that the rum was enchanted as it was the legendary fountain of youth other older pirates have been 
 searching for decades!  He then asked his men to drink this enchanted rum and soon all of them felt its livening spirit.They proceeded to offer a toast to their success and also wished for the tide of good times to continuously head to their island. Soon, hordes of people from other parts of the archipelago found their way to Willy’s newfound island to taste this enchanted rum. A period of merriment and celebration followed and soon, old man Willy was christened as Wicked Willy by his pirate crew and the rest of the new inhabitants of his island in honor of his intrepid quest for the finest rum that made everyone feel younger than their years. pirate. Today, Wicked Willy’s Island is a place where you come to celebrate and enjoy the good times. You’ll be enchanted by the invigorating spirit of pleasure as you partake of your favored elixir that’ll make you loudly exclaim.

“Time flies when you’re having rum!”-Wicked Willy